Fun Lunch

Fun Lunch is a PTO-sponsored program offered monthly to the students, faculty and staff of Kaneland Blackberry Creek. Once or twice per month, hot lunches are catered in from local businesses and made available for purchase. In the case of your child's absence on Fun Lunch day, you may pick up your child's lunch during their lunch time. Just email us to let us know you are coming. Do not combine siblings orders. Due to the scheduling and ordering process of this program, all orders must be placed by the deadline date. Late orders will NOT be accepted. 

THE DEADLINE FOR THE FIRST BLOCK OF FUN LUNCHES which are from SEPTEMBER through DECEMBER IS FRIDAY, August 23, 2019 at 11:59PM. Please be sure to mark your calendar for Fun Lunch days. Fun Lunch dates are on the PTO Calendar on our website. Please inform your child that they will not be allowed to bring any leftover hot foods home.